5 Must-Read Poetry Books for National Poetry Month

Did you know that April 2021 is National Poetry Month? Well we did, and we want to share with you some of our favorite poetry books that are an absolute must-read to celebrate this month! There are so many incredible poets out there, even if you don’t choose to read one of the ones listed below, we hope you take time this month to enjoy some pieces of poetry, and share your favorites in the comments below!

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Watercolor Words by Topher Kearby

Topher Kearby’s poetry is always impressive, and not just because of his ability to take your heart and mind on a journey, but also because he includes original works of art in each of his books! If you want to read a poetry book that will leave you thinking, “I’ve felt that same way,” this is the book to pick up!

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Yesterday I was the Moon by Noor Unnahar

This book has gained a lot of traction on Instagram, and it’s no surprise! This book is Noor’s memoir about growing and rebuilding herself into a better version. Among the short quotes, longer poems, and page drawings, this poetry book is one that will definitely connect with your own emotions and empower you to forgive, let go, and better yourself!

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The Northern Collection by K. Tolnoe

First nervous if her poetry would ever gain popularity, K.Tolnoe now has over 340,000 followers on Instagram because of her first book collection including The Moon, The Orchid, The Ocean, and The Wolf. Each book in her collection has a different focus and is short enough that you can binge-read all of them this month!

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She Wears Pain Like Diamonds by Alfa

This poetry book is divided into 3 sections: Mantle, Eruption, and Brilliance, as a reference to the formation and luster of diamonds (which is already such a unique way to start out the book)! Alfa is a fierce feminist writer, and this collection proves it. She Wears Pain Like Diamonds is about strength and resilience, and is a great female-empowerment poetry book to read this month!

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Dirty Pretty Things by Michael Faudet

While this book is not new to 2021, this is one of those poetry books I find myself constantly rereading! This is author Michael Faudet’s first poetry book exploring romantic and sexual relationships through short stories, poems, and quotes and his imagery is simply outstanding! If you only have time for one poetry book this month, this is it!

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Have you read any of these before? Let us know your thoughts below!

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