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Romantic Poetry: 10 Love Quotes and Poems for Your Valentine

Let’s be honest – we all dread the blank page of an empty card whether we’re writers or not.

How do you find a new way to express your feelings of love every year without recycling the same words?

How do you say “I love you” without saying the same three words you say every day? (You should be saying them every day!)

Enter love poems, and the wonderful day and age in which we live where there are countless love quotes and poems being shared across the internet every day. From the sweetly romantic to the subtly sexy, there’s a sentiment out there for everyone.

Here are 10 of the best romantic poems for him or her, Valentine’s Day or anniversary, married or just getting up the courage to express yourself for the first time.

I Love Us

“I love us

for the way

our eyes make


to each others


Christopher Poindexter – @christopherpoindexter

No End in Sight

“I don’t think I fell in love with you

in a single moment

I think I’m falling every day,

and there’s no end in sight.”

Alicia N Green – @aliciangreenpoetry

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3. Taking a Sip of Eternity

“Sitting next

to you

is like

taking a sip

of eternity,

the sun, the stars,

the sky,

never tasted so good.”

Christy Ann Martine – @christyannmartine

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4. Exotic Destination

“And if we never

visit Paris,

that’s okay.

Your heart is my

exotic destination

every day.”

John Mark Green – @johnmarkgreenpoetry

5. Every Ounce of Me

“When I saw you first, it took every ounce of me

not to kiss you.

When I first heard your laugh, it took every

ounce of me not to marry you.

And when I met your soul,

it took every ounce of me.”


6. To Know

“To know that I miss you

so much when you leave;

to know that I need you

like the air that I breathe.

To know that I want you

with a passion so blind,

is to know that I love you — 

with no doubt in my mind.”

Lang Leav@langleav

7. Forever


doesn’t feel

so long

with you

by my side.”

Zack Grey @zackgreywrites

8. I Love You

“I love you,

in ways

you’ve never been


for reasons you’ve never been


for longer than you think you


and with more

than you will ever know existed



Tyler Knott Gregson@tylerknott

9. The Most Beautiful

“I will look at you

across any room

and think 

you are the most beautiful person

I’ve ever seen

for as long as

I breathe.”

A.R. Asher – @a.r.asher

10. Melt

“I want to melt

into you.

As if the me

before you

never existed.”

JM Storm @jmstormquotes

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Did one of these romantic love poems speak to your relationship? Did I miss one of your favorites? Comment below!

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