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Top 5 Best Instagram Writers to Check Out This Spring

With the ever rising power of social media, so many people are starting to feel comfortable sharing their talents online with people around the globe! Social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok have allowed writers to share their beautiful and painful words online and this list compiles 5 of our favorite Instagram writers along with one example post of theirs that we absolutely loved! If you have a favorite social media writer, let us know in the comments below, we would love to check them out too!


Did you know I started as an Instagram writer too?

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1.N.T. Lazer

This writer is really different! If you look at his posts on Instagram, he posts a topic (i.e. You walk in a field of sunflowers. They have all turned to face you.) as his main image, but as soon as you start to swipe, you can read his short story about the topic! His topics are weird, funny, and creative, and his short stories will make you want to purchase his 2 new books!

2. SoulfulPenguin

SoulfulPenguin has beautiful poetry and short quotes on their Instagram which are nice and quick to be able to read as you’re scrolling through your other posts. They use the typewriter aesthetic (very popular right now!) and like to mix in some more artistic shots of their quotes as well!

3. Atticus Poetry

Atticus has been such a popular Instagram writer for years now, and for a good reason! His ability to write and create poems and quotes is an absolute talent and he occasionally complements his work with images, videos, or gifs.

4. Tribulation Words

The short quotes written by Tribulation Words are accompanied by stunning tumblr aesthetic photos that’ll make you want to set any of these quotes as the wallpaper on your phone!

5. SiWrites

While SiWrites isn’t a poet, their Instagram is full of amazing daily writing tips for writers just starting out or pros! They talk all about character development, ways to edit your work, and tips for the writer themself to develop and use your own creativity. If you’re looking for writing tips, these are simple and clear!


Have you seen these accounts on Instagram? What did you think? Let us know in the comments below, or comment with YOUR favorite Instagram writer!


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